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AGM2024: Chairman Statement 2023-2024

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Distinguished Guests, Members, Ladies and Gentlemen:
Welcome to the HKCCMA Annual General Meeting 2023/2024! In addition to introducing HKCCMA's achievements last year, we will also announce the winner of CMEA (Credit Management Excellence Award).

At this point, my sincere thanks to the 2023-2024 Committee Members for their loyalty and contribution provided to this Association.

• The 2023-2024 members of the Executive Committee were as following:


➤Chairman: Bobby Rozario
➤Vice Chairman: Germany Heng
➤Secretary & Treasurer: Peter Wong


Committee Chairs:

➤Membership: Jeffrey Chan
➤Certification, Compliance & Complaint: Anthony Cheng, Tracy Lee
➤Education: Calvin Ho
➤Annual Award: Vincenzo Resta
➤Public Relations: Benedict Wong
➤Publication: Bobby Rozario



➤Director of Communication: Vina Leung


Web Master:

➤Alpha Analytics Ltd.- Doris Ou



• Our Appreciation: Advisors Panel

The Association maintains a panel of Honorary Advisors to help us to resolve our daily issues in connection with various legal and related governance issues.

➤Mr. Victor C. Y. Chan, a qualified solicitor, Partner of Victor Chan and Co., the Association's Honorary Legal Advisor.

➤Mr. Ricky J. F. Li, a qualified attorney in China, Partner of Alpha and Leader Law Firm, the Association' s Honorary China Legal Advisor (resigned in 2024) 

➤ Mr. Neil Wood, Past Chairman and International Directors of ACA International and Past Chairman of Institute of Mercantile Agents in Australia

➤ ACA International, the leading international association of credit and collection professionals. Headquartered in Minneapolis, ACA serves members in the United States, Canada and 55 other countries worldwide.

• Our Achievement: Reaching Out

1)The Inauguration Ceremony of Macau Credit And Collection Management Association(MOCCMA)

HKCCMA Chairman Mr. Bobby R. Rozario and Vice Chairman Mr. Germany Heng attended inauguration ceremony of Macau Credit And Collection Management Association( MOCCMA)on June 30th 2023. The MOCCMA is the first and only association in Macau to represent the interest of credit practitioners.


• Our Achievement: Reaching Out
2)Greater Bay Area Credit Forum

HKCCMA, Guangdong Credit Association (GDCA), and Macau Credit and Collection Management Association (MOCCMA) have jointly hosted the GD-HK-MO Greater Bay Area Credit Forum 2023 on the afternoon of December 6, 2023 with the approval of the Guangdong Development and Reform Commission (GDRC). The Forum brought together over 200 participants including relevant departments of the Guangdong Provincial Government, credit service vendors as well as trade associations, businesses, experts, scholars, and media representatives to explore hot credit topics in the Greater Bay Area.

4Q1A2797(1).jpg 4Q1A2865(1).jpg

The three Credit Associations in the Greater Bay, namely, HKCCMA, Guangdong Credit Association (GDCA) and Macau Credit and Collection Management Association (MOCCMA), have jointly entered into an agreement to promote the credit industry through organizing joint events such as training forum and a professional designation program.




After the ceremony, all the delegates and guests were invited to visit the market operators' booth areas. The events concluded with a celebration dinner for the 15th anniversary of the Guangdong Credit Association.


• Our Achievement: Reaching Out

Credit Institute of Canada

On Aug 9th 2023, Mr. Bobby Rozario and Mr. Alan Wong of lPA visited the Credit Institute of Canada in Toronto and discussed for the possibilities to organize a join education program.


Institute of Public Accountants (IPA)

Mr. Germany Heng and Mr. Anthony Cheng attended the 100th Anniversary Gala Dinner of the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) on behalf of HKCCMA. IPA has a significant impact on the business community. IPA is a leading Australian accounting body passionately dedicated to the SME sector, representing over 35,000 members. IPA HK is a branch of the organization in Hong Kong with over 4000 members.

• Our Achievement: Education

“Learn from the Expert”Series

“Effective Risk Management for International Trade”


On July 21st 2023, Mr. Raymond Lam shared tactics for effective risk management in international trade. He also emphasized that effective risk management is essential for companies to thrive in the increasingly competitive business environment. Please click the link to watch Raymond's inspiring speech:



• Our Achievement: Publication

Credit Management Ability Training Resource Guide 

HKCCMA first Chinese publication "Credit Management Ability Training Resource Guide" has been completed. This is a practical Guide tailored for credit management practitioners. This Guide provides an in-depth analysis of the credit management environment in mainland China and provides practical and feasible credit management techniques and strategies. Whether you are a novice in credit management or a seasoned expert, this Guide will bring you unique insights and practical suggestions to help you succeed in the complex and ever-changing field of credit management.

The Guide consists of 12 Chapters:

Chapter 1 Credit Management and Credit Policy

Chapter 2 Payment Terms and Methods

Chapter 3 Credit Assessment

Chapter 4 Credit Decisions and Controls

Chapter 5 Recording and Measuring Receivables

Chapter 6 Collecting Payment

Chapter 7 Third-Party Mediation / Collection Services

Chapter 8 Third-Party Corporate Credit Investigation Services

Chapter 9 Export Credit

Chapter 10 Trade Credit Insurance and Factoring

Chapter 11 Tactics to Deal with Overdue Receivables   

Chapter 12 Credit Management job requirements and Recruitment


• Our Achievement:
Members' Networking

The Public Relations Committee held two TGIF for members and guests in Q2 and Q3 of 2023. TGIF has been a long tradition of the Association; an informal networking session for members and guests share knowledge and experiences. It has been one of the most popular events of the Association besides the AGM.

• Going Forward:

Every year the Association are planning various events, activities and tasks to be accomplished. However, some of the tasks may not be able to complete in the same term. As a tradition, the newly selected Committee will follow through each unfinished tasks.

Career Talk for university students

The Education Committee has contacted different universities in Hong Kong and tried to organize career talks for Finance and Business Faculty students. The first career talk event will be held for Heng Seng University on April 11, 2024.

恆生講課 0319 -压缩.jpg

Establishing a Professional Designation Examination and an Education Program

The Certification Committee, which is working on establishing a Professional Designation Examination, has been developing a full-scale Education Program together with our counterparts in the Greater Bay Area. Applicants who apply for the Program will achieve a fundamental designation by completing four modules and a higher designation by completing another four. To maintain the Designation, holders must gain CPD credit each year. Holders of the Designation will automatically granted a full Ordinary Membership (MCCMA) upon passing the Examination.

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Thank you for joining.

We will see you again at our next event!

Bobby Rozario

HongKong, March 15 2024

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